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Latest Reviews

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The world's worst teachers / David Walliams ; illustrated and glorious colour by Tony Ross>.
Author: Walliams, David, 1971-, author. -- Ross, Tony, illustrator.
Publisher: London : HarperCollins Children's Books, 2019. -- London : HarperCollins Children's Books, 2019. -- ©2019.
Review by: Woolcott, Alex Master  on: 5/06/2021 12:08:06 PM
Member Rating:
I think the worlds worst teachers is a funny book and a great book because it shows creativity and great idea my favorite character is Mr and Mrs Lovey Dovey because they are in love and they are really funny.
Cover Image
Inverell Courthouse c. 1900's
Review by: Lange, Sonya Mrs  on: 19/05/2021 10:13:31 AM
Member Rating:
Postcard from Crown Studios in Sydney
Cover Image
Go ask Alice / Anonymous
Publisher: London : Arrow, 2011.
Review by: Mutimer, Maria Mrs  on: 24/02/2021 9:57:17 AM
Member Rating:
Go Ask Alice is about a young teenager named Alice whose life is forever changed after she unknowingly ingests LSD at a party. What follows is her downward spiral into self-destruction and drug abuse and the struggle to rehabilitate herself.
This was a hard book for me to like but at the same time I needed to keep reading to find out what happened to the titular character that is Alice. I was sucked into her story from the start despite my lack enthusiasm to continue with the book and not surprisingly I was left very unsatisfied by the conclusion.

Alice starts off as your typical awkward teenage girl who is trying to find her place within her family school and life in general. Desperate for inclusion and belonging she tries to befriend different girls from school and develops crushes on boys while accepting dates with others. Alice eventually gets invited to a party held by the popular group of students where they spike random soft drinks with LSD and Alice unwittingly drinks one. From this incident Alice soon starts experimenting with other drugs becomes a drug addict and runs away from home with another drug addict. Over the next two years Alice claims to get into some pretty horrific ordeals and when she finally makes the decision to get clean she finds herself again struggling to fit in and find herself.

Initially published as the edited real diary of an anonymous girl it is now believed this book is the fictional work of therapist and author Beatrice Sparks who has published other works she claims to be the real diaries of troubled teens. Many critics believe the book is the product of anti-drug propaganda and a literary hoax but it has still enjoyed a place in the best-selling book lists. Reprints after 2014 of Go Ask Alice now credit Sparks as the author and include the disclaimer This book is a work of fiction. Any references to historical events real people or real locales are used fictitiously. Other names characters places and incidents are the product of the author's imagination and any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons living or dead is entirely coincidental.' The Inverell Librarys copy was published in 2011 and still lists the author as Anonymous which is why it is in our biography collection.

If you value the writing style of books-this book is not for you. Go Ask Alice is written in a diary style format which I dont have a problem with but it is atrociously written and edited to the point it is almost laughable and you cant help but agree with the critics.
If you look forward to seeing characters develop and grow-this book is not for you. I could not relate to Alice or anyone else in the book. In fact I found them infuriating. It failed miserably at allowing you to feel any empathy for Alice and what she went through no matter how horrible the situations were. Everything was just skimmed over in description and Alices reactions were exactly the same.
If you want to be taken on a journey somewhere new and exciting this book is not for you. The setting is nothing of interest or excitement unfortunately.
If you want to appreciate a book with an interesting plot-this book is not for you. The plot is interesting itself but the poor execution of the book just doesnt make it interesting in the least.

As you can gather I did not enjoy this book at all despite the fact I managed to finish it. I would not recommend or suggest this title unless you would like something quick and easy with little value or quality in the book. If you decide to read it I would love to know what you think of it and if you agree with my opinions so feel free to have a chat with me about it anytime.
Cover Image
Summer adventure stories / Enid Blyton.
Author: Blyton, Enid, author.
Publisher: : Hachette Australia, 2019 -- London : Hodder Children's Books, 2019. -- ©2019.
Review by: Woolcott, Kaylee Miss  on: 6/01/2021 5:43:40 PM
Member Rating:
I loved this book because all the stories where different and not confusing
My favourite story was The Brave Puppy where a puppy was in a car when two robbers try to rob a car but the puppy scared them away.
This book is suitable for ages 7
Cover Image
Turtle trackers / Samantha Wheeler
Author: Wheeler, Samantha.
Publisher: St Lucia, Queensland : University of Queensland Press, [2018] -- ©2018.
Review by: Sloman, Walter Master  on: 29/10/2020 5:12:55 PM
Member Rating:

If you like reading books about caring for turtles and their hatchlings you will love this book.
Cover Image
Turtle trackers / Samantha Wheeler
Author: Wheeler, Samantha.
Publisher: St Lucia, Queensland : University of Queensland Press, [2018] -- ©2018.
Review by: Sloman, Philippa Miss  on: 29/10/2020 5:06:14 PM
Member Rating:
I liked reading this book because Isaac really cares about the conservation of turtles.
If you love reading books about turtles and the importance of family then you will love reading this book.
Cover Image
The ice monster / David Walliams.
Author: Walliams, David, 1971-, author ; illustrated by Tony Ross. -- Ross, Tony, illustrator.
Publisher: London, United Kingdom : HarperCollins, 2019. -- �2018.
Review by: Woolcott, Kaylee Miss  on: 13/07/2020 4:56:07 PM
Member Rating:
A 10000 year old monster had turned into a block of ice. Else Dotty and the professor work together to turn the woolly mammoth into a living creature. But as soon as the monster is alive again the professor turns on them and says it is his creation and it will be locked up in a cage that it barely fits in! They get away and now they are heading to the north pole to return the mammoth back to where it belongs. This book is about working together and helping each other.
Cover Image
Slime / David Walliams ; illustrated by Tony Ross.
Author: Walliams, David, 1971-, author. -- Ross, Tony, illustrator.
Publisher: : Harpercollins Publishers, 2020 -- London : HarperCollins Children's Books, 2020. -- �2020.
Review by: Woolcott, Kaylee Miss  on: 13/07/2020 4:50:04 PM
Member Rating:
I really liked this book because it was about helping other people like Ned helped all the children by getting rid of the nasty people in their life that treated them badly. He got a little bit of help from Slime the monster he created by throwing all the disgusting stuff his sister picked up and throwing them into the bath. Ned and his sister always hated each other but in the end they worked together and then they finally learned to get along with the hep of Slime and they never played a single prank on each other ever again except for April Fools.
Cover Image
Gangsta granny / David Walliams ; illustrated by Tony Ross
Author: Walliams, David, 1971-, -- Ross, Tony
Publisher: London HarperCollins Children's Books, 2012. -- ©2011
Review by: Woolcott, Kaylee Miss  on: 13/07/2020 4:45:16 PM
Member Rating:
Ben thinks his granny is boring until one night he sneaks out to spy on granny just in time to see her trying to break into the jewelry store! Granny and Ben are going to try to steal the crown jewels. Ben and Granny set off to steal the crown jewels but there will be a lot of obstacles like police and even the Queen. Get ready for action adventure and fun with Gangster Granny by David Walliams.
Cover Image
The boy in the dress / David Walliams ; illustrated by Quentin Blake.
Author: Walliams, David, 1971-, author. -- Blake, Quentin, illustrator.
Publisher: London, UK HarperCollins 2018. -- London : HarperCollins Children's Books, 2018. -- ©2018.
Review by: Woolcott, Kaylee Miss  on: 13/07/2020 4:43:34 PM
Member Rating:
Ha ha ha ha! Everyone laughed as Denniss wig fell off. Now he was just a boy in a dress without a wig. He gets expelled does that seem fair Dennis was an ordinary boy until his mum left and then all he did was look at girls dress magazines. The only photo he had of his mum was them at the beach and everyone was smiling the rest of the photos were burnt up in a bonfire. He started dressing in girls dresses because his friend Lisa thought it would be a good idea to dress up and trick Raj the newsagent that Dennis was her French Pen-pal but that was not the end of it. Dennis continued to wear a dress to try and trick the whole school but Dennis wanted to play soccer and thats when it all went wrong.
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