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48 Longueville Road, Library NSW 2055
Tel 99113555
ABN 42062211625

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You can collect your card at the Inverell Library. For opening hours click here.
Please bring at least one form of identification showing your current residential address.

If you are under 18, your parent or guardian must accompany you to the Library, and provide their identification and proof of address.

You are able to access our online catalogue to search for and reserve items, using your temporary barcode.
If you have any questions, please contact the Library on 67288130 or email us at

eCard1 Resource: You can pick up your library card from any of our libraries. For locations and operating hours click here.
Remember to bring with you suitable identification and proof of address.

eCard2 Resource: If you are under 18 you must also have a copy of the permission letter signed by your parent guardian.

eCard3 Resource: You are able to use our online services prior to collecting your library card.
Use the barcode number provided above to browse databases, to search and reserve items via the online catalogue.
You can also, login
eCard4 Resource: using your barcode and password or register another member.
eCard5 Resource: If you have any questions you can contact us on (02) 9999 2222 or email us on

Please contact the library to process your registration manually.
Conditions of Membership

Inverell Library Service - Conditions of Membership

Memberships are free to all residents of Inverell Shire and surrounding communities.
I agree to abide by all Inverell Shire Library’s policies and conditions of use and:

* accept responsibility for all items borrowed on my card (and any card for which I am guarantor) and pay replacement costs plus processing charges for any items lost, stolen or damaged
* report lost/stolen cards to the Inverell Shire Library immediately
* return items on or before the due date or renew them when available
* respect the rights and security of staff and other library users
* notify the Inverell Shire Public Library of any changes to contact details provided
* show my membership card when loaning items and using in-branch technologies

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*If you are under 18 years you are required to come to the library with your parent/guardian in order to collect your membership card


Your PIN should always be kept confidential. Inverell Shire Library Service recommends that you change it on a regular basis to ensure that your account can only be accessed by you.
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